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  • The Dodgy Engineer is Sam’s YouTube channel, where (you guessed it!) its style and tone are intended to be deliberately dodgy, being both entertaining and also very educational and informative. Sam is a third-year engineer at Trinity College and also the Access Officer here at CUES. He started the channel as motivation to learn how… Read […]
  • Applying for internships especially during Michaelmas term time can be quite stressful, especially with the exponential build up of examples papers and missed lectures you need to catch up on. For most engineers who go into info engineering and really just want to do software engineering (which I will refer to as SWE), most people… Read […]
  • Freshers, welcome to Cambridge Engineering! If you’re not reading this as fresher, it doesn’t mean this article can’t relate to you too. There are many things I wish I knew earlier and the good news for you is that I learned these tips the hard way so you don’t have to. Here are 10 things… Read […]
  • Cambridge alumni Harald Överholm is the CEO and co-founder of Alight, the leading company in solar-as-a-service within the Nordic region. Alongside running a successful company, Harald has been an advisor to WWF, the Swedish government and the Stockholm Environment Institute, as well as a former board member of Swedish Solar Energy. The Cambridge Engineer spoke… Read […]

About Us


Founded in 1901, the Cambridge University Engineering Society is Cambridge University’s most active academic society and one of the largest, with over 1300 current student members.


Our mission is to deliver the very best opportunities to students to enhance their skills and develop their employability. To our partners, our mission is to be their indispensable route to interaction with some of the greatest talent in the world.


We make regular contact with our network of high achieving students through numerous channels including presentations from industry, events (including the university’s largest student-run careers fair), our grants scheme and regular social activities. We are proud of how this has always resulted in very high exposure for our partners, not only to our members but also to the wider Cambridge community.


Recently, CUES has undergone a shift in focus and is rapidly expanding its reach to an increasing number of STEM and non-STEM students, as well as the postgraduate community. Membership is open to anyone at the University with an interest in technology and industry, giving us a strong membership base that is growing and diversifying.


We run several initiatives to help shape the leaders of the future, and we are particularly proud of the launch of our Diversity Scheme which aims to promote social mobility and gender equality in STEM industries.


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