Jaguar Land Rover is the ultimate destination for anyone wanting a career in the automotive industry, or simply for anyone wishing to work for a progressive and globally regarded organisation. We have a rich and enviable heritage, and because of our renown for engineering excellence and innovative design, a certain and exciting future.

Ever since Jaguar was born in 1935 and Land Rover in 1948, our two brands have defined and redefined what is possible. From the fade-free brakes that enabled the Jaguar C-types and D-types to triumph five times at Le Mans in the 1950s, to the radical combination of strength and comfort in the form of the first Range Rover in 1970, to the daring low carbon Evoque that we’ll release in 2011, we’ve made our name building vehicles others could only dream of. Our brands are admired, and our products desired, throughout the world.

In fact, we export nearly three-quarters of all vehicles we produce to over 170 countries around the globe. This is due to many factors, not least of which is our commitment to research and development. We invest more in research and development than anyone else in the UK automotive industry, and are ranked in the top ten across all sectors in the UK.

We are also equally committed to the 15,000 people who bring our products to life, a number that swells to over 70,000 when you include all the people in supply chain who work with our businesses. That’s why we not only offer an environment of constant stimulation, but we provide a culture of continual development and progression. One in which you can grow as much as a person as you can as a professional. All the while enjoying a rewards package that is second to none.

Become part of the Jaguar Land Rover team and you’ll find we are as dedicated to your needs as we are to our customers’. Not only do we provide a competitive salary and generous holiday entitlement, but we offer flexible working arrangements, various well-being initiatives and numerous facilities that include gyms, sports halls and crèches.

We will also support your ongoing development through extensive training and development programmes, assistance to help you achieve recognised vocational qualifications and continual exposure to challenging but exciting opportunities within the business. People join, and stay with us, for all sorts of reasons. Our famous brands. Our engineering excellence. Our reputation for nurturing the most exciting, fulfilling and diverse careers in the automotive industry. So no matter who you are, where you’re from or what your background, if you want a career helping to develop the next generation of award-winning vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover is the destination.

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